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Cloudstreet by Tim Winton – Omen or Inspiration

Episode 55 (10 July 2022)

In May 1992, the Sydney literary news was full of Tim Winton’s success and his novel, Cloudstreet. And I thought it an omen. Winton was thirty-one, and I was thirty. He’d grown up in W.A., and so had I. He’d just won his second Miles Franklin Award. And I was having a second crack at being a writer!


Cloudstreet by Tim Winton – Omen or Inspiration

Show Notes

Season Two: Episode 55 (10 July 2022)

Cloudstreet by Tim Winton – Omen or Inspiration is a blog post from the Tall And True writers’ website, written and narrated by Robert Fairhead.

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Episode Insight

I received Tim Winton’s The Shepherd’s Hut for my fifty-sixth birthday in 2018. Given my long affection for Winton’s works, dating back to Cloudstreet in 1992, was the book another omen or more inspiration? Perhaps both, because it inspired me to write this blog post in March 2018.

I was pleased I’d kept the Sydney newspaper cutting, slipped inside my copy of Coudstreet, and enjoyed digging out my diary entries from my trip to Australia in 1992.

It was tempting to re-read Cloudstreet. But I’ve done this with other books I loved as a twenty-something, only to be disappointed by them as a fifty-plus-year-old. (One of these was The Great Gatsby.)

So, I didn’t re-read Cloudstreet when I wrote the blog post in 2018. However, recently, I listened to an audiobook version of Cloudstreet, narrated by Peter Hoskin, and again felt the joy I had reading my paperback back in 1992. And laughed aloud when Hoskin voiced Oriel Lamb’s stern reminder to her family, “Remember, we’re Lambs, not sheep!”

By the way, it took me twelve months to work through my towering to-be-read pile and reach The Shepherd’s Hut. But when I finished reading it, I shared another blog post on Tall And True about the book, aptly titled Tim Winton Wows Again.

In the post, I observed that Winton’s writing was in another league to mine back in 1992 and still is today. And how when I finished reading the last sentence of The Shepherd’s Hut, I exhaled the breath I’d held for the final paragraph and exclaimed, Wow!

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