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Episode 71 (5 April 2023)

Jennifer swivelled her chair away from the laptop and stared at the lights receding into the distance beyond the high-rise office window. Her eyes had welled up reading Stephen’s unexpected emailed demand, and she reached for a tissue to dab at the tears. “Twenty years,” Jennifer exhaled softly, wiping her eyes.


Show Notes

Season Three: Episode 71 (5 April 2023)

Decisions is a short story from the Tall And True writers’ website, written and narrated by Robert Fairhead.

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Story Insight

I wrote Decisions for the Australian Writer’s Centre’s March 2023 Furious Fiction writing competition. The brief was:

  • The 500-word short story had to include a CHAIR of some sort
  • The words ALBUM, BRIGHT and CLICK (or longer variations)
  • And a character who makes a CHOICE between two things.

I toyed with making my protagonist, Jennifer, the CHAIR of a corporation or department or CHAIRing a meeting but settled on her swivelling on an office CHAIR to stare at the city lights.

I knew the story would feature a family photo ALBUM, but instead of opting for BRIGHT lights outside the office window, I had Jennifer reflecting on marrying Stephen when they were BRIGHT young things.

As for the CLICK, I saved that until the end, when Jennifer resolves that after twenty years of marriage and Stephen’s unilateral decision-making and demands, she has a CHOICE, even if it’s between a rock and a hard place.

A fellow writer whose Furious Fiction entry (like mine) was not showcased or long-listed on the Writers’ Centre’s website for March observed that the judges seemed to want the chair to have a dominant role in the story. And for it to have something to do with the choice.

I replied that I didn’t think about “winning formulas” when writing, and this may explain why my short stories don’t win or get short or long-listed. But I still enjoy writing and sharing them, and hope you enjoyed listening to this one on Tall And True Short Reads.

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