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Season One of Tall And True Short Reads launched in September 2020 and featured short stories written and narrated by Robert Fairhead. In Season Two, the podcast expanded to include Robert’s blog posts and other writing from the Tall And True writers’ website.

Season Three Episodes

“When I introduced Tall And True Short Reads in 2020, I called it an “audio fiction podcast”. But two seasons on, I’ve realised I’m producing storytelling episodes, whether they’re based on short stories and blog posts, fiction and nonfiction, or tall and true tales.” ~ Robert Fairhead, Season Three Trailer

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Season Two Episodes

For Season Two, in addition to short stories, Tall And True Short Reads expanded to include blog posts and other writing by Robert Fairhead from the Tall And True website.

My One Night Stand

Episode 40 (6 Dec 2021)
In my writer’s bio on Tall And True, I admit I’ve enjoyed a one night stand. It was November 2003, but I remember the night like it was yesterday. I had worked up to it for two weeks. However, though I’d practised my lines, I suffered first-time jitters as I took the stage to perform my stand-up comedy routine.

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Reminiscing with Alice

Episode 39 (24 Nov 2021)
The golden glow of Norman’s youth was a distant memory. The passing years had added aches and pains and padding, and his soft and doughy love handles had long since served no purpose with Alice. But when he looked in the mirror, Norman recognised the man he had once been. Just wiser and more wizened.

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My Favourite Libraries

Episode 38 (12 Nov 2021)
A friend shared a Facebook post from November 2017, inviting the reader to “Step Inside the World’s Coolest Library”. The futuristically designed library in Tianjin, China (aptly nicknamed “The Eye”) is lined from floor to cathedral high ceilings with bookshelves, which follow the building’s curved contours.

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Welcome to the Lucky Country

Episode 37 (29 Oct 2021)
The group trekked for several weeks over rough terrain to reach the border town. On the way, they pooled their meagre resources and precious reserves of e-credits and cash to buy food and water. And begged when these ran low.

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Signed Stark by Ben Elton

Episode 36 (18 Oct 2021)
In October 2017, I attended a premiere screening of Three Summers. After the film, there was a Q&A session with the writer/director, Ben Elton. As I commented in a film review on the Tall And True writers’ website, I have admired Ben’s work since watching him do stand-up comedy on TV in England in 1987.

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Episode 35 (5 Oct 2021)
“Ladies and gentlemen, though I use that term loosely,” the pub laughed, and the MC smiled. Laughter signalled the crowd was well lubricated. The publican would be happy.

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Days of Gentle Rejections

Episode 34 (22 Sep 2021)
In these days of instant gratification, it’s hard to believe once upon a time, wanna-be writers would type and print their manuscripts, post them to publishers with a reply-paid, self-addressed envelope. And then wait and wait and wait, for an offer to publish or, more likely, a feared rejection letter.

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The Last Book That Made You Cry

Episode 33 (13 Sep 2021)
Penguin Books Australia posted a question on Facebook in August 2017: What is the last book that made you cry? The books could evoke tears of joy or sadness, and I immediately thought of three books, all tearjerkers.

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Tall And True Short Reads – Season Two

Season Two Trailer (6 Sep 2021)
The Tall And True Short Reads podcast features short stories, blog posts and other writing written and narrated by Robert Fairhead from the Tall And True writers’ website. At the end of each episode, Robert provides a Writer’s Insight into the featured writing.

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Season One Episodes

Season One of Tall and True Short Reads launched in September 2020, featuring short stories written and narrated by Robert Fairhead from the Tall And True writers’ website.

Classroom Conservation

Episode 14 (15 Feb 2021)
My class had a lesson on “conservation” at school today. Miss said it’s where people reuse old things or use new things more thoughtfully. Or do stuff differently to stop using up the Earth’s resources. She said conservation is important because our planet is sick, and we need to help make it healthy again.

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The Gift

Episode 13 (4 Feb 2021)
“Happy anniversary, Darl.” My blank look doesn’t wipe the smile from his face. “It’s our double anniversary, remember?” he prompts, presenting me with a single red rose. “Nine months since the party and six months since you moved in.” My nan taught me to tell the truth. “Of course I remember,” I lie.

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The Al-Rabie Hotel

Episode 12 (25 Jan 2021)
The photograph is gloomy, and the colours are fading. But it was twenty-five years ago. I’m sitting in the high-ceilinged inner courtyard of the Al-Rabie Hotel in Old Damascus, catching up my travel journal. My wife calls out from the first floor. I stop writing, look up and wave for the camera.

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Episode 11 (10 Jan 2021)
It’s a warm, sunny day and I’m strolling along Brighton Promenade during my lunch break. Seagulls are circling and squawking, and sunlight shimmers on the blue-green English Channel. I look away from the bright horizon and see her walking towards me. Twenty metres and twenty years separate us.

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Escape to the Beach

Episode 10 (22 Dec 2020)
The golden sand squeaks in protest as Megan presses her body more firmly into the beach towel. A gentle breeze carries a salty scent and chills the sweat glistening on her sun-toasted skin, as gulls crawk and waves break in a relaxing rhythm. Megan licks her lips and sighs. And then a phone rings.

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The Cruise Ship

Episode 9 (13 Dec 2020)
Should have done this years ago. But don’t tell Pearl I said that ’cause she’s been on at me for ages to do a cruise. I kept telling her I didn’t want to be stuck on a floating hotel with a bunch of strangers. I’d rather spend our holidays towing a caravan around Australia, where I know the score.

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Splendid Views

Episode 8 (30 Nov 2020)
The trip app listed the hotel as an “Exotic Getaway” with “Splendid Views”. After the year-long anxiety of COVID-19 and lockdowns, it looked perfect. I tapped BOOK on my phone, entered my credit card details, and texted Sally: “Pack the bags. We’re off to the mountains for the weekend.”

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The Dark Web

Episode 7 (Nov 18 2020)
Kevin caught the news in a chat room on the Dark Web. NASA had detected an unidentified object on a collision course with Earth. He wasn’t surprised NASA had kept the news secret from the public. It was further proof of a plan by scientists and elites, backed by billionaires, to create a new world order.

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A Jittery Journey

Episode 6 (9 Nov 2020)
JITTERY. 16-down, “Nervous or unable to relax (7 letters)”. Loud voices in the street drown out the TV. I put down my crossword, walk to the front window and part the curtains. They’re at it again, the neighbours across the way. I can see them pointing and shouting at each other under the pale street lights.

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