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Milestone Reflections

Episode 50 (11 April 2022)

My parents separated in 1967 when I was five, and my younger brother and I went to live with our grandparents. Nan looked old to my young eyes, and leathery Pop ancient. But born in 1907, Nan was only sixty when we moved in, a cause for reflection when I reached my milestone sixty in March 2022.


Milestone Reflections

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Season Two: ​Episode 50 (11 April 2022)

Milestone Reflections is a blog post from the Tall And True writers’ website, written and narrated by Robert Fairhead.

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Episode Insight

I celebrated my sixtieth birthday in March 2022. Milestone birthdays, like sixty, are times for reflection. And as my big day approached, I recalled a treasured photo of my Nan with her grandmotherly arms wrapped around my younger brother and me.

When I dug out the photo and looked at my boyhood brother and me, I realised it was from shortly after we’d moved in with our grandparents in 1967, following our parents’ separation. And that meant Nan was sixty in the photo.

Grandparents (and parents) always seem old to children. But looking at the photo of Nan with my middle-aged eyes and then at myself in the mirror, I see things differently. And writing Milestone Reflections was my attempt to put things in perspective.

Is sixty really the new forty? Is age a state of mind? And did Nan act old in her conversations, reading and TV habits or taste in music? Or was my boyhood perspective of her a generational response, like my neighbour’s daughter’s guess about my age?

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