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The Cat in the Trunk

Episode 5 (26 October 2020)

Stevie was slumped on the living room sofa when his mum and dad returned home from the shops. Their raised voices drowned out the old gangster movie on the TV. “It’s junk,” Stevie’s mum snapped. “No it’s not,” his dad retorted, “it’s an antique. And a bargain. Only 30 quid!” Stevie slid down the sofa.


The Cat in the Trunk

Show Notes

 Season One: Episode 5 (26 October 2020)

The Cat in the Trunk is a short story from TallAndTrue.com, written and narrated by Robert Fairhead.

Read the story: https://www.tallandtrue.com.au/childrens/example-writing-the-cat-in-the-trunk.

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Story Insight

I wrote The Cat in the Trunk for a writing competition in England in the early 1990s. The short story had to be 2000-3000 words long and based on the theme Curiosity Saved the Cat.

I was (and remain) fascinated by the possibilities of space-time travel, whether it be real-world, hypothetical or the stuff of dreams. Looking at my original notes, I borrowed the old travel trunk from another plot idea. In that one, the boy was transported to different places by polishing its exotic stickers. He cleaned the dust off a sphinx sticker, hopped in the trunk and ended up in Cairo.

For The Cat in the Trunk, I added Stevie’s arguing parents, the gangsters and, of course, the curious cat. And though I left the dusty stickers on the trunk, they no longer set the travel destination.

Did Stevie dream about Jerry and Daphne after watching the old movie on TV? Or did he travel inside the trunk to the gangster’s hotel room, in the same way as Tom-Tom had escaped to the shed? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

I hope you enjoyed The Cat in the Trunk as much as Stevie enjoyed finding Tom-Tom in it. Please subscribe and rate and review the podcast via your favourite listening app. And don’t forget to tell your family and friends about Tall And True Short Reads and the Tall And True website.

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