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Welcome to the Lucky Country

Episode 37 (29 October 2021)

The group trekked for several weeks over rough terrain to reach the border town. On the way, they pooled their meagre resources and precious reserves of e-credits and cash to buy food and water. And begged when these ran low.


Welcome to the Lucky Country

Show Notes

Season Two: Episode 37 (29 October 2021)

Welcome to the Lucky Country is a short story from the Tall And True writers’ website, written and narrated by Robert Fairhead.

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Story Insight

I wrote an earlier and shorter 500-word version of this short story for the Australian Writers’ Centre’s monthly Furious Fiction in April 2021. The competition brief was:

  • The story must begin in some kind of QUEUE
  • It must include the words CROSS, DROP and LUCKY
  • And have a MAP.

I didn’t win or make the short or long lists for Furious Fiction April, but I shared The Lucky Country on Tall And True. And then, later in May, I saw an ad on social media calling for submissions for The Big Issue Fiction Edition 2021.

Before the dust had had a chance to settle on The Lucky Country, I was reworking it. The Big Issue brief allowed for a longer word count, so I added to the back story of my protagonists, the group of refugees hoping to cross the border for a better life.

And I retitled the story Welcome to the Lucky Country to underscore the stark contrast between the group’s dream and reality. 

As for the fictional Lucky Country, I borrowed an idea from Terra Nullius by the Australian Indigenous writer Claire G. Coleman. But no spoilers, you’ll have to read her book – which I highly recommend. (Amazon affiliate link.)

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Production Notes

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Podcast episodes are recorded in Sydney, Australia, on the land of the traditional custodians of the Eora Nation.

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