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Writing Can Be Lonely

Episode 44 (26 January 2022)

Writing can be lonely, especially if you’re living on your own in a cramped flat, in another country, far away from family and friends. So when I lived in Brighton in the early-1990s, I volunteered to work one afternoon a week at an Oxfam op shop. I needed to get out and meet and mingle with people.


Writing Can Be Lonely

Show Notes

Season Two: Episode 44 (26 January 2022)

Writing Can Be Lonely is a blog post from the Tall And True writers’ website, written and narrated by Robert Fairhead.

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Episode Insight

I recorded my conversation with Grandma Zeet on a single sheet of A4 paper after my afternoon shift at the Brighton Oxfam shop in 1992.

When I unearthed the notes in 2018, filed away with other ideas and scraps of writing from that period, I thought of crafting our op shop exchange into a short story.

But as I typed up the words, I realised the piece on shared loneliness shaped nicely as a blog post. And so I wrote and published Writing Can Be Lonely on the Tall And True writers’ website in April 2018.

The funny thing is, back in 1992, I hadn’t heard of the internet or websites, let alone blog posts!

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I dedicate this episode to my dear friends from Brighton, Terry and Jacquie. Life was less lonely chatting and sharing a laugh with you guys and our fellow “Maxim muckers” over a few pints before the last orders bell in a warm English pub.

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