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Taking a Bow

Episode 78 (31 August 2023)

I fell in love with live theatre when I saw my first London West End play as a newly-arrived backpacker in 1987. Over the next eight years, living in Brighton and Windsor, I attended countless professional and amateur productions. But I didn’t think in 1987 that one day I’d be up on stage, too, taking a bow.

Taking a Bow

Show Notes

Season Three: Episode 78 (31 August 2023)

Taking a Bow is a memoir blog post from the Tall And True writers’ website, written and narrated by Robert Fairhead.

Read the post on Tall And True: https://www.tallandtrue.com.au/blog/taking-a-bow

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Episode 77, My Dreams: https://www.tallandtrueshortreads.com/my-dreams/

Episode 40, My One Night Stand: https://www.tallandtrueshortreads.com/my-one-night-stand/

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Episode Insight

I shared Taking a Bow on Tall and True in November 2022. Sorting through some papers, I found a bundle of old scripts and theatre programs from England. Among them was the program from my 1991 debut performance, La Môme Piaf. And inside this, I found a fax, still legible after all these years, with handwritten well-wishes from my family in Australia:

  • My Nan wrote: “All the best for your play. I hope your first night is real special.”
  • My Dad joked: “Hope the play goes well and the prompter doesn’t get worn out.”
  • And my brother quoted Shakespeare: “Remember, nothing will come of nothing. Bring the house down.”

While I didn’t include the fax in the blog post, along with the scripts, programs and cast photos, it inspired me to dig out my diary entries and draw on my memories to write Taking a Bow.

And keen podcast listeners may recognise the dreams in the post, where I’m on stage and haven’t learned my lines, and a fellow actor hisses at me, “Improvise.” I used this in Episode 77 of Tall And True Short Reads for the short story, My Dreams, with a few subtle changes:

Then there’s the dream of standing on stage in a packed auditorium, and I’ve forgotten my speech. “Just improvise,” the TEDx director hisses. 

As I admitted in the Story Insight for the My Dreams episode, I draw on elements of autofiction and true sentences for my fiction, and my actor’s anxiety dreams are an example of this.

There are links to the My Dreams episode and Episode 40, My One Night Stand, the story of my one-night as a stand-up comic, in the Show Notes.

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